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MAO Magazine September 2007
Fashion Week Party
Splash Bar
September 8, 2007

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Katherin Wermke

Opposite Photo: Ladyfag


The fashion freaks came out at night for the madness that is the Mao Fashion Week party. One of New York's most highly prized party invites, the Mao Magazine party never fails to delight or make a big splash (sorry couldn't resist). And in honor of this fall's venue (Splash) there was a mermaid room filled with queens and topped off by a dancing cherry called Andre J.

Every second person at the party was a walking piece of art. And the care of thought of creating each of these personal bill boards will surely be re-reflected on the cat walks of future fashion weeks. For you see it in the clubs first; it is from the excesses that we find inspiration.

One again, Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha of Mao showed us how it's done! They lit up the night.

Kenny Kenny and Patrick McDonald


David and Philippe Blond

Andre J  

Lady Bunny

Hot Bartender

Hot and Hotter

Sultana Shares a Moment with Herself

Shail Upadhya, Andrea Brown and Perennial Party Queen Sylvia Miles

Patrick McDonald, Julie Newell and Kenny Kenny

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