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April 1, 2008 - April 30, 2008

Written by Mindy Hyman
Photographed by Belkis Carrasco

Opposite Photo: Tia Walker and Amanda Dolan

"Call Me Crazy" is Amanda Dolan’s latest painting venture into the portrayal of fifteen legendary women who have made history. Dolan uses mixed media on canvas to evoke a layered understanding of the lives of famous women such as Betty Page, Joan of Arc, Janis Joplin and Sylvia Plath. Dolan uses words, copies of photographs and paint to depict her take on each of the women. The result is a beautiful, strong and very feminine exhibit.

Amanda Dolan and Linda Horwatt of The Orion Experience

As a viewer of Dolan’s art, we are reminded that the lives of celebrities is not always glamorous and that all women are united in our feelings of love, pain, joy and self-reflection. Women are often perceived as being crazy because of our ability to express passion, emotion and exuberance. Dolan takes us to a deeper realm of what being labeled “crazy” can encompass. Perhaps, being crazy is a fine line and that all of us, regardless of gender, can in some way share the capacity to cross that line.

This thought-provoking exhibit proves to be a sexy, yet charismatically intellectual display of renowned women through the expression of art.

Ayumi, Hair Stylist from Patricia Fields (L) Singer Lorraine Leckie

Amanda Dolan and Singer Patti Rothberg (far right)

Amanda Dolan's High School Art Teacher Julie Nixon and Amanda Dolan

Amanda Dolan and Her Parents

For more information, log onto:amandadolan.com & wardnasse.org

Ward Nasse Gallery – 178 Prince Street
(between Sullivan & Thompson)


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