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"Local Growing Conditons" Art Exhibit
Westchester Arts Council
Closed July 22, 2008

Written and Photographed
by Vanessa Moore

Opposite Photo: Artist Jackie Meier


Artist Cynthia Newman

In this exhibit, “Local Growing Conditions”, the artists use forms and motifs from nature to explore man’s relationship with the organic world. In Cynthia Newman’s work, she creates an ornate Victorian design out of insects to convey the notion that things in the natural world are beautiful and serve a vital function yet can also be dangerous and destructive.

Artist Wennie Huang

Wennie Huage uses red chenille pipe cleaners to create the silhouette of a box elder tree. This work is an meditation on man’s imprint of nature and man’s attempt to harness, manipulate and control natural elements.

Artist Tricia Wright

Artist Andrea Kantrowitz

Artist Cynthia Newman

Artist Jackie Meier

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