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MGMT and Ting Tings
McCarren Park Pool
July 27, 2008

Written by Joshua Williams

Photographed by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo:
Kaylie White of Ting Tings

Who knew that the MGMT show was going to be the one that packed the place? I surely didn’t expect it, but when I saw the line that even I had to wait in, the line where I was lucky enough to be on the press list, it set in a little bit. And then when I had to wade my way through the crowd, it came to me a little more, and then elbowing my way just to get a drink it was being etched in stone, and then seeing the kids climbing the fence and breaching the perimeter behind the portalets, it was so. This apparently was the show of the summer for all these kiddies, and I was apparently out of the loop. Why had every junior Bedford Ave cadet descended upon this place? For this show? I truly, truly, had no idea.

Kaylie White of Ting Tings

The place of course, was McCarren Park Pool on yet another Sunday. We were there to catch The Ting Ting’s and MGMT. So did everyone under 21 within a 90 mile radius of the venue. We had to brave the elements for a spell as a storm rolled through, but before long we caught The Ting Ting’s set. There is a good mix of early 80’s new wave mixed with more recent dance beats and synth sounds. Kind of like a bastard child of The Clash and Blondie who listens to too much dirty south hip hop. Katie White is a definite pleasure to watch. "Shut Up and Let Me Go" is probably their most well known number, and it definitely has catchy guitar hooks and a chorus that can get stuck in your head. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for them. I’m sure more exposure is too come.



As for MGMT, I don’t really understand all the hoopla. I’m not saying they are a bad band. I just felt like I was at a Fleetwood Mac show with special guest James Taylor and they decided to do a bunch of trippy improv together. It just didn’t feel very original to me, and I was left feeling quite uninspired. I will proffer that perhaps it’s not my thing because apparently the kids decided they had to scale the walls to get in. And at one point, they took over the pit between the stage and the barricades. I’m sure for them it will be one of there favorite memories. For me, it was just another Sunday, with the Ting Tings bringing a bit of sunlight through the cloudy day.

Kaylie White of Ting Tings


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