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Deer Tick at Southpaw
November 8, 2008

Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by
Amy Davidson



Opposite Photo: John McCauley


The place was Southpaw in the slope. I like this place, other than the muscling your way through to the bar. The downstairs lounge area is comfortable to the point you almost forget about the din upstairs. We were there to see Deer Tick, a Brooklyn band by way of Providence, R.I. Originally started as a solo project of John McCauley, the band has grown in recent years with the addition of other members. This started out as a necessity for touring, but it seems that McCauley does not want just a backing band. It did not feel like the McCauley project with special guests. The band seems to gel well together, and enjoy playing together.

John McCauley

The sound has roots in singer songwriters of the seventies, country music and a little Bruce. Think Neil Young and James Taylor’s monster child that spent some time doing top 40 hits in the late 50’s. McCauley has a distinctive voice. I liked the incorporation of the contrabass and the bass work in general. The songs have texture and do not just follow the verse chorus verse model every time. The song “Beautiful Girls” is an interesting derivative of “Stand by Me”. It has nice drumming, good guitar and tasteful arrangements. A little too mellow for my tastes, though you could put this on if you are in need of a mellow mood.

Chris Ryan

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