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Girls Rock & Girls Rule
Ace of Clubs
December 6, 2008

Written by John Janusz
Photographed by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo: The Rosies


On December 6th the Girls Rock & Girls Rule (GRGR) celebrated its 7th annual show with great success. The party took place at the Ace of Clubs on Great Jones St. Several bands performed 30 minute sets and there was never more than a few minutes interval between bands which kept the energy going throughout the evening. Additionally, these brief intermissions were filled with raffle ticket drawings for cool tee shirts and other prizes so there was virtually no break in the action for the entire evening.

The Rosies

Marisa Mini and Her Mojo

Marisa Mini and Her Mojo Band

Overall, the night was full of strong sounds and creative talent. Some of the bands that stood out were Rewbee and the Rosies. But all of the bands that performed did their fair share of rockin’ as members of the loyal audience enjoyed quite a few hours of music.

Fuze Beverages and LUNAbar were sponsors and there seemed to be an infinite supply of each. Some of the flavors of Fuze mix pretty well with vodka.
If I were to make any small suggestions to the producers of Girls Rock & Girls Rule, encourage each of the bands to play a cover song or two, which will still leave them with 20-25 minutes to play their own material, and try to secure a sponsor whose product contains alcohol. That will quickly turn this concert into a festival and the crowds will quadruple.

Performing Bands:

Marisa Mini & Her Mojo
Royal Pink
Loki the Grump
The Rosies
America’s Sweetheart
Cheap Perfume

Royal Pink

Royal Pink

Royal Pink

G Spot G Spot

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