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Highline Ballroom
November 16, 2008
Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo:
Michael Barnes of Red


I was once stuck at a redneck bonfire party in Virginia. The memorable thing about this party is that Europe’s “The Final Countdown” seemed to be the only music they played. Over and over again. To this day, the song brings me close to the seizure point. It is not a fond memory.

The reason I mention this is that I was recently at the High Line Ballroom. We were there to see Red, which apparently is a Grammy nominated band. It was for the Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album category, but nonetheless still one more nomination than I’ll ever receive. They were there in support of Puddle of Mudd. I had no idea what was in store as I haven’t listened to these guys yet. But prior to their taking the stage, that familiar synth riff came on. I don’t know whose idea it was to play it. I bravely fought off the urge to flee and waited for the set to start.

Michael Barnes of Red

What is Red? A well rehearsed band for one thing. Anyone into Papa Roach, POD, or any other rock band on KROQ from the last decade will like Red. It’s big label corporate rock safe for children. It’s controlled choreographed rebellion. It’s not bad, but it’s formulaic. Loud rock part, hushed verse part, jump up rock part, bridge, spin the guitar and start again. And once you delve into music a little deeper, it’ll quickly sink to the bottom of the pile next to that Silverchair, Creed, or Nickelback you thought was so cool oh so long ago.

So not my thing really, but I see what others like in it. More power to ‘em. At least I didn’t have a seizure.


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