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Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
Lit Lounge
December 18,2008

Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by Amy Davidson

I’m still not sure if what I witnessed was genius. It may just be that these people have spent way too much time together and this is the result. Maybe they were all thrown out of a musical theater program together. Maybe they just want to party. In any event, they were determined to bring on good cheer. The basement of Lit was transformed into a surreal Christmas playground with stuffed animal costumes, inflatable props, a box of costumes for audience participation, and simply infectious sing-along songs (did you know that the world is a better place because your father fucked your mother?), and a rather peculiar man crawling around like a dog covered in blinking light balloons.

I guess it’s more apt to call Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt more performance art than a musical group. There was music to be had courtesy an ipod. I would have preferred a live backing band dressed in tandem with the singers. The tracks were basically minimalist dance beats. What the singers lacked in ability to harmonize was more than made up for with their exuberant stage presence.

It was particularly fun to watch people stumble in from a private party upstairs. Some seemed to get scared and leave; many had no idea what world they had just stepped into. Some joined in on the revelry. I think it’s impossible that anyone left the room without a smile. I expect bigger things will come from the creators of Terror Pigeons in the future.

So if you’re looking for something to do one night, and you see they are putting on a show, go on down and join the party. They will welcome your participation. And you may even find yourself in a furry costume screaming your lungs out.


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