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Sarar: Making its Mark on Madison

Sarar Flagship Boutique Opening
375 Madison Avenue, NYC
January 17, 2008

Written by Anusha Alikhan
Photographed by Fred Scott


On January 17, 2008, amdist banded ties and cascading rows of posh primed suits a crowd of equally chic revelers gathered at 375 Madison Avenue in mid-town to mark the New York opening of the Sarar flagship boutique. Sarar, a fashion conglomerate, which sewed its first seeds in the small Turkish town of Eskisehir over sixty years ago, is considered a leader in the European market. It now takes its place among the company of New York’s fashion elite that line the pavement of Madison.

An upscale crowd from far and wide, made up of industry reps, European fashion aficionados, and old money, including the owner of Sarar Group, Cemalettin Sarar, made merry with brimming glasses of complimentary champagne and a host of tasty tapenades. Also present for a cameo was Sopranos celebrity, Jeffrey M. Marchetti, who gave the well-tailored Sarar suits a precocious nod of approval.

Between blissful bites of baklava, guests admired the meticulous range of polished suits, attractive warm jackets, and sleek shiny Oxfords. A few patrons even took a break from the crowd to sample the wares, trying-on freshly tagged blazers and crisp collared shirts for a quick preview.



According to Sarar reps the brand, which also has stores in New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago, and Las Vegas, hopes to make a big impact on the New York market. The line’s focus on craftsmanship and quality, not to mention its prime location has undoubtedly given it a good head-start.

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See the You Tube coverage of the opening.


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