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Valentine's Day Party
Honoring One Hundred Year Anniversay of Partnership With Children in New York City
Liz and Jeffrey Peek's Home
February 14, 2008

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Scott Rudd

Hosts Jeffrey and Liz Peek Share a
Valentine's D
ay Kiss

This Valentines Day, New York society was treated to an Edwardian Valentines Day party at the Upper East Side penthouse of Jeffrey and Elizabeth Peek. The ladies in attendance were decked out in their Valentine's Day finest, but they were hard pressed to surpass the elegance of the gentlemen, many of whom were decked out in top hats (supplied by the Peeks) and tails (supplied by the guest). And all guests were welcome to fans themselves with the gorgeous feather fans that functioned as wearable art at the party.

All of this festivity was in honor of the one-hundred-year-anniversary of Partnership with Children. The Partnership will celebrate their anniversay with a Centennial Ball at the Pierre Hotel on April 16, 2008. Host Jeffrey Peek, the Chief Executive officer of CIT, will be honored at the ball.

Here is a quote from the press release about Partnership with Children:

“Partnership With Children, founded by Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson, Mrs. Henry O. Havemeyer and Mrs. Henry Ittleson, the wife of CIT's founder. The women dedicated themselves to the mission of mentoring and improving the lives of underprivileged girls and young women. Today their vision is realized through Partnership With Children and its unique school based program ­ Open Heart Open Mind ­ which supports 8000 children whose difficult life circumstances put them at high risk for academic failure."

It was a beautiful party in a beautiful home - a perfect Valentine to Valentine's Day.

For more information about Partnership With Children, log onto:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cashin
& Hostess Liz Peek

Jeffrey & Liz Peek Ann Slater & John Cahill
H Carl McCall & Dr. Joyce Brown Janice Williams & Diane Van Amerongen
Katie Heleniak Susan Gutfreund & Liz Peek
L White and Maria Bartiromo Ren Herring & Sarah Grant
Sarah Wolfe & Susan Baker TS Nicholson & Susan Nicholson

The Party

Liz Peek, Kenneth Mortenson & Susan Cheever

Partnership with Children Director Amy Norman, Barbara Cavallo,
Partnership with Children Director Michelle Sidrane
With One of the Gorgeous Fans


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