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Academy of Art University
Fall 2008 Mercedes Benz
Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 2, 2008

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Mary Blanco

Opposite Photo:
Designer Sherise Eways and
Jewelry Designer Melissa Christensen

The Academy of Art University Fashion Director Simon Ungless certainly picked a talented group of designers for the Fall 2008 fashion show. This was the only school to push the limits of creativity by showing during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and it was refreshing to see different points of view that were not mired down in the politics of the industry.

Two menswear collections were put forth, and Young Jun Ryu was definitely a crowd favorite. His nontraditional background in textiles brought forth a collaboration with designers Jaime Cole, Desiree Daniels, Lauren Hume, Johanna Hatzenbuehler, Anne Jones, Muriel Jordan, Kara Laricks, Aurelie Martin-Chiari and Warot Subsrisunjai. The result was inspired by nature, M.C. Escher, and geometric artwork. Ryu’s prints graced faux fur, wool, and cotton. Even Marvin the Martin was integrated into this line. Fiction definitely met reality with this collection that pushed the limits with high style, bold textures, and fierce color.

Designer Shady N.R. Elias put forth a collection that was heavy on a rock n’ roll vibe crossed with a futuristic sensibility. Shiny textures felt reckless and edgy, but everything was tightened up with excellent tailoring. This designer clearly showed restraint while mixing prints into his slick clothing. The chocolate saturated blazer was a real standout piece that defined the look and feel of the line.

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Designer Young Jun Ryu Designer Young Jun Ryu
Designer Juhee Chung Designer Marie Potesta
Designer Shady Elias Designer Shady Elias
Designer Marie Potesta Designer BoKyung Cha
Designer Felice Morganti Designer Felice Morganti
Designer BoKyung Cha Designer Jee Hyoung Jang


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