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Gen Art
February 8, 2008
Scandinavian House

Written by Jamie Stark
Photographed by Johnie Lee

Camilla Staerk must have been thrilled this season, as she found herself as the recipient of Gen Art’s Fashion Fund Award. And she certainly made good use of her time. Instead of having just one show, she made the bold move to have several showings of her collection. The runway show ran every twenty minutes, and this updated twist on the standard fashion presentation drew big crowds.

Entitled “Black Bride of the Moon”, the line was directly inspired by expressionist sculptor Louise Nevelson. The clothing had movement and ease mixed with a decidedly angular feel. The textural pieces harkened to sculptural beauty through the use of leather belts, back cutouts, and geometric straps. Rubber, silk, and knits were interspersed throughout the line to evoke a haute-smoky effect. Staerk definitely took chances and toughened up the couture community by pushing the fashion envelope away from the frilly and expected and far into the unexpected and smoldering.


Designer Camilla Staerk


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