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Miss Sixty
Fall 2008 Mercedes Benz
Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 3, 2008

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Katherin Wermke

The Miss Sixty Fall 2008 Fashion Show marched down a runway that had been transformed into a psychedelic grave yard for old grafitti'd VW buses. The models strode the catwalk wearing a rich hippie fantasy line of glitzed and glamorous threads that invoked the hallucinatory sixties. Wondrous tie-dyed dresses were paired with deconstructed fur jackets and accessorized with swirling, glittery hose. The rags invoked the spirt of the Olsen twins (Ashley was actually there). Rock and roll ruled the runway, baby!

Trends to watch for from the Miss Sixty show: slouchy mini skirts; wide metallic belts; shiny metallic fabrics; huge fur and crocheted boots; and portrait-faced tee shirts. And oh...the jeans were glorious.

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  Designer Wichy Hassan



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