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Phillipe & David Blond
Prince George Ballroom
15 East 27th Street
Feb 4, 2008

Written by Julia Sirmons
Photographed by Belkis Carrasco

If the presence of over-the-top fashion luminaries such America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker and Sex and the City costume designer Pat Field didn’t tell you this was going to be a helluva fashion show, the first look to stomp down the catwalk – a chandelier-esque spiky crystalline bodice paired with a satiny draped skirt and matching skinny trousers – ought to have finally tipped you off to the fact that the Fall Phillipe & David Blond Fall 2008 collection – shown at Prince George Ballroom on the evening of February 4th – was going to be a show with a capital S.

The rest of the collection, entitled “Blond Legend,” full of feathers, fur, crystals and fabulous hats, was a welcome respite from a lot of the Fashion Week ennui one suffers from after attending more than three shows. The looks were big and dramatic, and many were not for the average woman but some – like a beautifully draped full-sleeved blouse cinched by a corset-like belt and paired with skintight leather pants – would look both striking and perfectly appropriate at many chic urban affairs. A red tent dress with black accents and a dramatic jeweled neckpiece probably had a narrower target market but was a marvel of design and a wonder to behold. On the other hand, a multi-hued pink draped and pleated mini-dress would be perfect for a daring socialite looking to make an impact on the red carpet, and a beautifully cut pair of sequined trousers paired with a sheer top with feather epaulettes was elegant and head-turning without looking like a costume.

Billowy, brightly colored dresses and intricately constructed origami-esque gowns lent the collection the drama of high couture with the injection of a fresh, modern point of view. If sequined gowns, out-to-there tutus, and sheer unitards with feathers covering up the model’s naughty bits seemed unrealistic to some viewers, it was hard to deny the artistic vision and healthy sense of fun these pieces exuded. Shiny metallic bodices and skirts – seemingly forged out of metal like armor – made it impossible to take your eyes off the catwalk.

For the woman who dares to be different – or for the weary fashion journalist – the Philippe & David Blond collection was a welcome respite from the ordinary, an all-too-brief sojourn into a wonderful universe where fantasy, glamour, art and clothing all happily collide.

For more information, log onto Philippe's Myspace Page.

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