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Jessica Alba’s on the Line
Teleconference for The Eye
January 29, 2008

Written by Wendy R. Williams


Jessica Alba
Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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Jessica Alba’s new film The Eye, directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud, opens on Friday, February 1, 2008. The Eye is a remake of a Hong Kong horror film also named The Eye (see my review of the Pang Brothers version of The Eye) which tells the story of a girl who was blinded as a small child and regains her sight when she receives a corneal transplant as an adult. But just being able to see does not mean that she can interpret the images she perceives. There is a scene in the Hong Kong film where the character is able to recognize a stapler by feel but not by sight. But not recognizing staplers by sight isn't her only problem; with her new corneas also come terrifying images of imminent deaths.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Jessica participated in a telephone news conference with journalists from around the country.

Question about whether she had nightmares while filming The Eye:

Jessica Alba: Actually I did. We were filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the site was near some hills. There was supposed to be ghost on the hills and several people on the set said they saw it. I never saw the ghost, but I did have nightmares. The Eye is a classic ghost story. It is terrifying. Some of the journalists who have seen it told me that they could not sleep afterwards. [I am attending a screening on February 1, 2008 and will have a review up a few days afterwards, that is if I can get some sleep.]

Jessica Albe in The Eye
Photo Courtesy of Lions Gate

Question about what she thinks about the plot device that memories can be transferred with tissue transplants:

Jessica Alba: I heard a story about a man who had a liver transplant. Before the transplant, he hated pasta and scary rides. Afterwards he loved pasta and insisted on riding the roller coaster. He later found out that his donor had loved pasta and scary rides.

Question about the difference between the new version of The Eye and the Hong Kong based version helmed by the Pang Brothers.

Jessica Alba: The new version is more geared toward our Western culture. People believe in ghosts in the East. In Western culture if you tell someone that you believe in ghosts, they think you are insane. In this film, everyone thinks my character is insane.

The Hong Kong version was more bitter than sweet, our version is bitter sweet.

Jessica Albe in The Eye
Photo Courtesy of Lions Gate

Question about what kind of preparation she did to play a blind character:

Jessica Alba: There was a blind center in New Mexico and I spent time there. I also practiced walking with a cane and when I was home, I practiced walking around my home wearing a blind fold. I also learned how to read some Braille and I labeled everything in my house.

And I spent time with a remarkable woman who was blinded at two and has traveled all over Europe by herself.

Question about which was more difficult, playing the violin or playing blind:

Jessica Alba: The violin was by far the more difficult task. People practice for eight hours a day for years and then they are only good enough to play in a symphony, not to be a soloist. People wore ear plugs when I played the violin.

Question about which sense you would hate to lose the most:

Jessica Alba: I would hate to be blind. Playing blind was quite claustrophobic. I felt confined, trapped. I am going to have a baby and I would like to see my child.

Question about what kind of roles you are gravitating towards now that you are going to be a mother. Who do you want to work with?

Jessica Alba: Everyone. Oh my goodness – Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis. I would like to do some more independent films, take more risks, more challenges. But my next movie is a comedy with Mike Meyers, the Peter Sellers of our age. We are both acting in a film called The Love Guru.

Question about how your life will change after you have a baby:

Jessica Alba: Well, I probably won’t work full time for two years like I just did.

Question about where she lives in LA:

Jessica Alba: In LA.

Question about whether there is any question you have never been asked in an interview:

Jessica Alba: No. Reporters pretty much dig and ask everything.

Question about the recent death of Heath Ledger:

Jessica Alba: It was a huge tragic loss, and since he was in the public eye, everyone thinks they can have an opinion about what happened to him. But his family should be able to grieve in peace.

Many thanks to Jessica Alba for talking to New York Cool.



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