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The Ford Supermodel
of the World Contest
Terminal 5
610 West 56th Street
January 16, 2008

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by James Bluck

Opposite Photo: Winner Seung-Hyun


The Opening


Attending the Ford Models Supermodel of the World contest was surreal; goddesses walked among us and not just on the runway. Everyone in the haute crowd was striking, with a good balance of hipsteresque chic and power. The audience was filled with well suited (male) attendees who were accompanied by what seemed to be some the most gorgeous women in the world. The elegant crowd was enamored with photographing each other, but once the lights dimmed all attention quickly turned to the fifty sexy young things on stage. Some of the most beautiful young models from around the world had traveled to New York City, each hoping that tonight she would be the One.

Andre J and Eileen Ford,
The Founder of the Ford Model Agency

Fabulosity-on-wheels Andre J served as the master of ceremonies, and he definitely kept the beautiful people entertained. As each contestant strutted down the catwalk, some were a bit uncomfortable in their stilettos while others appeared as if they were born for posing. One thing they all had in common was an angular walk executed by mile-long legs.

The show director, Kevin Krier said, “We want to find a girl who can have a career. The goal is to find a model who can continually communicate her look while maintaining her appearance. She needs to marry her inner beauty with her outer beauty.”

Andre J Prepares to Announce
And The Winner Is?

Andre J, Chanel Iman, Jacqueline, Alexina, Natasha and Vilita

  Finalist Natasha Finalist Alexina
  Finalist Vilita Finalist Jacqueline


At the end of the runway show, after each model had strutted-her-stuff, the finalists were announced: Seung-Hyun (from Korea); Natasha (from Russia); Vilita (from Lithuania); Alexina (from the United Kingdom); and Jacqueline (from the United States). After what must have been a difficult choice of the judges, Seung-Hyun was announced as the winner. When it was announced that Seung-Hyun had won the $250K contract from Ford Models, she seemed a little surprised. But Andre J’s enthusiasm and the applause of the other lovely contestants quickly bridged the language barrier.

Seung-Hyun Walks The Runway With
Ford Model Chanel Iman

For more information about The Ford Supermodel of the World contest and a video of the show, log


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