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Sightseeing in London
Fall 2007
Written and Photographer by Krisztina Fazekas

Opposite Photo: Big Ben


New York Cool Photographer Krisztina Fazekas is spending the year in London where she is studying for her Masters Degree in Photography. She will be sending us reports on the London scene. Here is her report and photographs about the fall of 2007 London sightseeing:

Krisztina's Report: It is my first tour of London and there is definitely is a lot to see. First, I am going to concentrate on inner London and I am choosing the best, if not the fastest way to get around - I walk.

House of Parliament

The London Eye Observation Wheel

From almost anywhere in inner London, it’s almost impossible to miss seeing Big Ben and the Parliament. And you can see The London Eye from almost everywhere in center London. Although one of my Londoner friends recommended that I start my tour at Victoria Embankment, I quickly switched banks and crossed the Westminster Bridge to the South Bank of Thames.

Dali's Universe

I immediately entered Dali’s Universe It is the biggest Dali Collection in the world, showing five hundred of Dali’s works. For more information about Dali's Universe, log onto:

Star Wars Exhibition

There was also a Star War Exhibition going on in London in the old home of the Saatchi Gallery. The Saatchi Gallery will reopen in early 2008 at a new location.

Live Sculpture of Captain Jack Sparrow of The Pirates of the Carribean

Skate Boarders

Graffiti Artists

The South Bank is filled with tourists and is home to incredible live-sculpture and street musicians. It’s also the gathering place for the young skate-boarders, BMX riders and graffiti artists.

Cleopatra's Needle

When I re-cross Waterloo Bridge back to the Embankment there is Cleopatra’s Needle, an ancient rose-pink granite obelisk from Egypt that was made in about 1475 BC in Heliopolis.

Trafalgar Square and National Gallery

Admiralty Arch

Buckingham Palace

Leaving the bank of the Thames, I see Trafalgar Square and National Gallery. From Trafalgar Square, I walk to St. James Park through the Admiralty Arch and finally reach Buckingham Palace, the end of my first day's tour.

London is crazy

New Yorkers believe they live in the craziest city on Earth but I have to disappoint; London is actually crazier. I lived in New York for four year, attending all the big festivals and carnivals, but I have never seen so many people than at the Notting Hill Carnival . Two million Londoners showed up to party in one ten by ten block space.

The Notting Hill Carnival has been rocking London on the last weekend in August since 1965. The festival was started by black immigrants from the Caribbean, particularly those from Trinidad where the Carnival tradition is very strong. The festival was quickly embraced by the locals who dreamed of creating a festival to bring together the poor residents of Notting Hill who were battling racism, lack of work opportunities and poor housing conditions. Nowadays there is a strong Brazilian and Jamaican presence influence in the Carnival.

Six disciplines go to make up the carnival: Mas' (masquerade); Steelband; Calypso (political, social and satirical commentary, set to music); Soca (the traditional music of Carnival, a fusion of Soul and Calypso); Static Sound Systems; and Samba all play part in the Carnival.

The big difference between a festival in New York and London is that in London people are part of the carnival, they don’t have to stand behind cordons. There are Bobbies (London cops) everywhere, and when the carnival procession arrives they just simply ask people to step back. And it works out just fine. At the end everybody joins in and marches with the carnival. Another difference between New York and London is that is not a problem to hold a beer in London on the street. Little music booths are everywhere and all over the neighborhood, people are dancing in the streets. So it’s worth to plan a London trip around this event, because probably this is the biggest party in the country .

For more on the carnival, log onto:

And if it’s not enough to name the Londoners the craziest on Earth, let me tell you about the Zombie Walk (Bank Holiday Monday27th of August). This year’s walk attempted to break the world’s record for the largest number of zombies to gather in one place (there were 894 zombies recorded in Pittsburgh in 2006). This event was part of a horror film festival, FrightFest and also a great promotion for a movie, The Zombie Diaries, which was nominated the best UK horror film of the year and was launched on DVD the same day as the Walk. (






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