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“Katra Heats It Up”
Katra Bar & Lounge
217 Bowery/ NYC


Written and Photographer
by Mindy Hyman

Don’t let Katra’s relaxed vibe fool you; this East Village hookah lounge is more than a place to chill on the cushions. Its bartenders boast that the two-story, resto-bar “goes off on the weekends,” and judging from my first visit, I agree.

I had been invited to check out Katra to see a live show and to listen to my favorite NYC deejay (DJ Emz) spin. My first impression of the club was positive. Moroccan lamps give the bar an elegant, ethnic feel while the candles that adorn the floors and walls create a romantic mood. There was no cover charge; I learned that Katra never charges at the door. My martini was delectable and I noticed there are nine Hookah flavors to choose from. The menu seems to be a contemporary take on the Moroccan cuisine and the food smelled delicious.

DJ Emz played music at intervals during a Burlesque show put on by Shocolate Lounge. The five lovely ladies of Shocolate Lounge take burlesque to the next level. They danced to hip-hop and rock and during the show they pulled some random (but lucky) male audience member onto the "stage" where they then performed gymnastic acts on his body. At one point there was one dancer under the guy’s chair, a second woman doing a handstand on the guy’s leg and another tousling his hair.

The performance completely complimented the setting; the temperature went from chill to hot in two seconds flat. Katra is conveniently located on Bowery and Rivington. Check out this spot when you want a sultry night out.

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