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Warehouse Party
Williamsburg Loft
December 31, 2007

Written and Photographed by Mindy Hyman

“The New Year Gets Set Off with A Sultry Bang of a Night”

Warehouse parties in Brooklyn are often a lively, eclectic affair. A crew of people called The Danger ( created a fun-filled party called New Lost City in Williamsburg for the kick-off of 2008.

This New Year’s Eve event contained plenty of eye candy and bubbly sparkling wine to spare. There were dancers dressed in Japanese attire “popping” and “locking” while two other entertainers were dancing in a suspended fabric, which was attached to the ceiling. These professionals created contorted moves and sexy poses while in mid-air.

Some casino games were on hand; the bar was jam-packed and the peppermint hot chocolate gem-of-a-cocktail sealed the deal quite right. Fire dancers in the moon-lit sky created a striking sight. New Years Eve was a cool, bright start to 2008 at this random warehouse on a warm January night.




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