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Jerry Tam on Project Runway
July 16, 2008

Written by Wendy R. Williams

Opposite Photo:
Jerry Tam and Friends at the
Form Show at the Soho Grand
September 4, 2007

Photo Credit Al McCotter

Project Runway Season 5 debuted last night, July 16, 2008 with one shocker contestant, Jerry Tam of Form. Jerry has been showing his fashion line in New York City for several years now and he always shows a well-thought out sophisticated line of dresses that would work well for both uptown and downtown girls. I saw some of Jerry's dresses for the first time at a charity benefit several years ago (a group of women were wearing them). The dresses stood out, they were distinctive; they definitely had a look - deconstructed modern. The dresses were so unique that I walked up to the women wearing them and asked who designed their dresses.

So why would Jerry even want to be on Project Runway?

Well, there was even a bigger surprise. Jerry was eliminated on his first night out - the first contestant to be eliminated this season. And he was eliminated in the grocery store challenge - the contestants are challenged to make a garment from the items that are available in the grocery store. Jerry did his best and made one of his signature dresses from a table cloth and a shower curtain, but the judges were less than impressed.

I was shocked because I know Jerry is talented. But perhaps it does not matter. One of the most famous former Project Runway contestants is Malan Breton and Malan was eliminated in Episode 2 of Season 3. Perhaps some talented designers need more than twenty-four hours to create a masterpieces and maybe they also need some......FABRIC!!!!! After all in his bio on the Project Runway website, it says that Jerry Tam's designs for Form are, "Inspired by intrinsic architecture, FORM uses natural fabrics for both warmth and aesthetics." See, nothing here about being inspired by groceries.

So here's to Jerry - many kudos for trying!!

These are photos from the Jerry Tam Form Show at the New Museum on February 2, 2008. All of the below photos were taken by Cindy Ord. I told you he was talented.


Nikki Taylor at the Form Show

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