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Ronnie Spector with
The Rabbit Factory Soul Review
Jelly NYC/McCarren Park Pool
July 6, 2008

Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo: Ronnie Spector


Let’s face it. Jelly NYC knows how to throw a party. At least when it comes to the string of shows held at Mccarren Park Pool both this and last summer. This is the thought that occurred to me last week when we went to check out Ronnie Spector with supporting act The Rabbit Factory Soul Review.

Ronnie Spector

Being that it was the 4th of July weekend, it seemed like a fitting lineup. The sweet soul coming from both acts was the perfect fit for a holiday weekend. Throw in the kickball, slip and slide, grilled food and plentiful beer, and the day took on a nostalgic air that probably would not have been achieved with other acts. The only really downside was the oppressive humidity. But hey, it’s July, so it’s to be expected.

I readily admit that I am not very familiar with either act. My knowledge of Spector basically stems from my knowledge that she was married to Phil Spector (and made it out alive), and that the Ramones were quite fond of her. You can see where Ms. Winehouse and other current neo-soul singers have gotten their inspiration. I had never heard of the Rabbit Factory. I do recall being very satisfied with their cover of James Brown’s “try me”, and I’m sure other classics I did not recognize were played with an equal amount of sweat and perfection. Ms. Spector as well is a consummate performer. She graces the stage as if she’s owned it all her life. There are certain acts that have been around for a while that take the stage with an air of resignation. Not so on this humid July day for either of the acts.

Herman Hitson of Rabbit Factory Soul Review

Apparently, the pool will once again be used for its original purpose, which makes this the last summer of the pool parties. Although I am glad to see it being used for its originally designated community purpose, I will look back on the Jelly NYC shows held there with affection. And wherever they decide to move the party, I will be sure to follow as long as they keep bringing the quality acts. Well, bringing the slip and slide would be cool too.



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