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Esther Nash
Photo Credit Michael Cregh

"Esther in the City"

If Michael Patrick King is looking for some new material that may inspire a new show or movie he should take some notes on “Esther in the City” – the real life struggles of a creative fashion designer, who’s looking for love but unwillingly to give up her career in exchange.

“My Social Life”

My social life has been on hold. Most young men I have dated do not understand that I have my own dreams and goals. I want to achieve my goals which have nothing to do with them. I have my own ambitions other then being a wife and a mother. I just am not content to just be a trophy wife.

Relationships are about compromise if you want them to really work, I have only met men that want me to compromise my goals and dreams and they are not compromising anything for me.

“My Career”

Recently my ex fiancé and I broke up. He wanted me to choose between him and my career. I have already given up so much to be where I am in my career and I’ve had to compete my whole life to reach at this point and I’m not just going give it up because I found someone I love.

If he really loved me, He would have not asked me to choose. He refused to compromise with me -- his way or no way. It is too bad because I thought I found someone that I could see myself having the whole modern day fairytale. He ruined the big picture because of his demanding selfish ways. If I do not make it, I will feel like a loser in more ways then one. He made the wrong decision and he will regret it for the rest of his life. I am just at the beginning stages of my career and I need a team player not someone that does not understand why I have worked so hard for so long.

“Career Advice”

You must be ready to give up a great deal if you want to create a name for yourself. If you are afraid to be alone then the fashion/entertainment industry is not for you. It takes years to make a name for yourself, so choose your mate wisely and not be afraid to be alone.

If fashion, acting, or modeling is your passion, then go after your dreams. You only have one life and it’s now or never. So at least try if you have real talent and a have real shot at making it. You must believe in yourself no one else can believe in you, but you.

NOTES FROM ESTHER: “Fashionable on a Budget”

Being fashionable on a budget can be done. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fabulous. Accessorize and use color. That’s where I think people go wrong. Be confident and believe in yourself and your taste. People mess up outfits because they don’t realize how important jewelry is.

Casual chic just has to be tasteful. Just a little bit is more than enough. Doesn’t matter what weight you are or whatever age you are. If a person isn’t comfortable with the style, it won’t wear well. Designers design for mannequins, they forget people who age and gain weight.

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Francesca Simon Talks to
Fashion Designer Esther Nash

Opposite Photo: Esther Nash
Photo Credit Eliette Pascal

Sex and The City (SATC) were the buzz words for the premiere weekend for the movie, as girls ganged up to cue up for a cinematic reunion with four flirty females, who flipped the script on sex and the single girl in the Age of Aquarius. The unofficial nationwide “girls night out” was truly a social phenomena. But there was one real life, sexy New York City female, who wasn’t part of the cinema stampede. Her name? Esther Nash.

During Fashion Week 2008 Esther saw Kristin Davis (known as “Charlotte in the SATC series) at one of the shows in Bryant Park. Unable to suppress her natural enthusiasm she ran up to say “hello” and comment on the shawl she’d designed that Kristin was wearing. Esther says Kristin was not very nice. “It felt pretty bad. She didn’t know I was the designer,” she says softly. ”But, it’s not a matter of who you are,” she adds, “you should just be nice.” Kristin didn’t know that she had snubbed a designer that Patricia Fields, costumer for SATC, had used to dress the vixens for at least two seasons.

The movie version of the award-winning HBO series, which made Sarah Jessica Parker a New York City icon with fashion as the icing on the Big Apple, grossed $55.7 million over the weekend. “We are thrilled and humbled,” Sarah Jessica said, “that the audience came out. Too bad she was not thrilled and humbled when Esther wanted to say hello when she spotted Sarah Jessica at another show during Fashion Week. “She seemed like she was in a bad mood,” says Esther, who almost doesn’t seem capable of being in a bad mood. Kim Cattrall (the loveable wild cat character Samantha) was the only one nice enough to say “hello” on two occasions over the plast few years when Esther ran into her in London.

It just seems ironic to Esther that women wearing her clothes and accessories wouldn’t know who she was. But she took it in stride; she was never a fan of the series anyway. Esther is one of the girls who waited and was in no hurry to find sex in the city. Relationships – not sexcapades – are serious business to this beauty. Her friends, who did flock to see SATC called to report they had seen her fashions in the film. So that was satisfying enough for Esther. She hasn’t seen the movie, not out of spite, but because she’s busy in her own real life daily series one could call “Esther in the City.”

“Onwards and upward is what I tell myself everyday,” says Esther, a born and bred New Yorker. “I’m not [where I am] because of anyone’s connections – it’s purely by own talent. I know I’m worthwhile.” Patricia Fields, fashion visionary, and Hollywood stylist agrees. When Esther found her way to Patricia Fields to show her designs her destiny accelerated almost immediately. ” She liked my designs and they started selling,” Esther exclaims. “It was so exciting – socialites were wearing my clothes,” says Esther, who describes her fashion style as “Rock Star Glam” and calls her fashion line Babydoll, “They make the impression of a lifetime! “ Esther’s tube tops, short flirty skirts, rock star jeans, jackets and other clubwear and swimwear can also be found at Allan & Suzi on the Upper West Side, and in the West Village at Planet Jungle. And if you happen to end up in Japan you can find Esther’s fashions in a boutique called Booty.

Esther Nash Fashions
Photo Credit Michael Creagh
Esther Nash Fashion
Photo Credit Michael Creagh

The Washington Post characterized SATC fashion philosophy as “mixing designer clothes with throwaway fashion“ but those downtown design touches helped give SATC the fashion edge that authenticated the show’s New York City setting. “My designs are all one of a kind original. It’s not like you’d ever go a party and see someone else there in your outfit.” says Esther “I’m very happy to be different,” says the determined designer, who doesn’t smoke or drink and always looks for the positive aspect of everything.

Ikon Modeling, one of the top ten agencies in the country, recognizes an iconic element in Esther. What makes an icon? Personality? Talent? Good looks? Great clothes? Ikon Modeling figures it takes all four and has signed Esther to their celebrity artists division, she possesses all those qualities. Combine the dark sultry looks of Cher, the long lanky legs of Sarah Jessica, an edgy downtown fashion sense, top drawer design skills, then add energy, innocence, enthusiasm plus dimples and you’ve got the essence of Esther. Ikon will be helping Esther fulfill her goal to be in demand for television appearances as a fashion expert and commentator. Who knows – she may even be under consideration of be the face of a new fragrance.

Ikon Modeling sees Esther as “the epitome of a chick on the quest.” Their vision for this young designer is to firmly establish her position as a fashion expert and commentator and to further her acting career. “Esther exudes personality and creativity,” says Ikon’s Managing Director Melody W. Esther also exemplifies the agony and ecstasy of the creative artists, who flock to our fair city to seek their fortune armed with determination, dreams and strong souls. Esther, a 5’ 7” dark haired beauty quickly admits she is on a mission. “I just have to make it.”

Esther’s quest began in earnest while attending the New York High School or Art and Design. She went on to the “Who’s Who” of the NYC’s top arts and fashion schools on scholarship. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The National Academy of Art, and the Art Student’s League and Cooper Union all showered their support upon Esther through scholarships to study art and build her portfolio.

Esther Nash is Interviewed by Cognac Wellerlane
Fashion Photo Installation Show at Eli Klein Fine Art
January 31, 2008
Photo Credit Eliette Pascal

Esther was a child prodigy in the fashion world, who at the age of 18 owned her first retail store, by age 19 a second, and by age 21 was regularly having her own runway shows, reaching the rank the rank of a young professional designer. During Fashion Week 2008, Esther, who as had about 25 runaway shows in the past, decided to do something different that would fit her limited budget. On January 31, she debuted her Fall 2008 collection with a Fashion Photo Installation show at Eli Klein Fine Art in Soho.

Esther Nash Fashion Photo Installation Show at Eli Klein Fine Art
January 31, 2008
Photo Credit Eliette Pascal

During our late night conversation on a recent Tuesday night, confirming that both of us are still able to still breathe, although we’ve still not seen Sex and the City, the talk turned to the real life “Esther in the City”. “I’ve got an early morning second round call-back for a new VH1 show that would take me to LA,” she says excitedly. “And Thursday I’ve got a taping of Law and Order." If you’re a fan of the show you’ve probably seen Esther in her reoccurring role as a reporter.

Keep your ears and eyes open -- you will be seeing a lot more of Esther Nash! VH1 will soon premiere a competitive reality show featuring sew-off fashion and style competitions. You’ll see first hand Esther’s multi-skilled talent as she draws, designs, cuts, drapes and sews her way through the show (which may be named “Sew Good” or according to Esther “Style Warriors”). Whatever the name, Esther is the one to watch! Determination may take its toll with early morning auditions and late night events but Esther is in it for the long haul. “I can’t complain,” she says,"I’m working toward greatness.”


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