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Slovenia Concert
May 31, 2008
Town Hall

Written by Mindy Hyman
Photographed by Allison Lucas



Slovenia Makes A Name for Itself In NYC

Slovenia’s finest musicians brought their southern European party to Town Hall in Manhattan on Saturday, May 31st. NYC concert producer, Danny Kapilian, produced a momentous music event of jazz, rock and folk of the best musicians in Slovenia. The music was a virtual GPS of the country, which borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, with a tradition of folk music, polkas, and waltzes, using string and accordion melodies typical of the region. The event was created to foster interest in a country that most of us could never locate on a map. The show acquainted a large crowd with representatives of Slovenia’s eclectic music scene and left a raucously pleasing memory.

The legendary industrial, rock band from Slovenia, Laibach, was a fitting choice for a venue built in the 1920’s to house political meetings concerning international relations. America's Town Meetings of the Air was a radio program that took place at The Town Hall and concerned the free exchange of ideas. What better place for a country we don’t know much about to present an ironic view of America today? Laibach certainly made a mockery of the United States by displaying a projected slide show of oil drills pumping up and down into American flags. The group sang their own version of the American national anthem. The result was quite a hilarious performance.

The other artists proved that Slovenia has a lot to say. While, at times, the music sounded a bit eerie and dark, the Dracula-esque edge was daring and dazzled the crowd. Classical and experimental jazz groups complimented a hip, pop-rock band called Katalena. In addition, accordions on center stage created a Slavic feel, while mellow folk music by Brina aired out the intensity of Laibach’s performance. Who knew Slovenia was so cool?


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