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Poetry Brothel
Jonathan Shorr Gallery
109 Crosby Street
February 14, 2008

Written and Photographed by Mindy Hyman


Opposite Photo:
Artist Zito Paints a Portrait



“The Poetry Brothel Stimulates Our Intellect”

It isn’t often that one goes to an art gallery reception and is presented with lovely ladies in black gowns waiting to tell you a sexy tale. Well, this is what happened on Valentines Day at the Jonathan Shorr Gallery in SOHO.

Floor to Ceiling
Brian Leto's Artwork

Upon arrival, a butler-like gentleman opened the front door to a room full of art that came in many forms. Artist, Anthony Zito, was making live acrylic portraits of beautiful women and seven hundred pieces of Brian Leo’s artwork adorned the walls. There was a man playing the accordion, a tarot card reader and an open bar. The night’s main event was performance art by a group called The Poetry Brothel. These sensuous women (and one man in drag) were dressed as if they were at a gothic ball. They referred to themselves as “poetry whores.”

A Poetry Whore Recites

The Poetry Brothel works as such; each “whore” recites a poem in private to whomever would like to hear a piece of her mind, therefore, unconventionally sharing a piece of herself. In one of the poems, Eve wailed against a wall in the Garden of Eden (because we all feel a little out of place sometimes). A sexy man in drag spoke of Dallas, tumbleweeds and the space between one’s eyelashes. It was truly an exotic and intellectually stimulating Valentines Day.

Accordian Player and
"Truth" by Artist Anthony Zito

"Autumn Venus" by Artist Anthony Zito

More information on this performance art can be found at

You too could have your portrait done by Zito at

For more information on the Jonathan Shorr Gallery, log onto:



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