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Dizzie Rascal at Southpaw
March 11, 2008

Written by Mindy Hyman

Opposite Photo by Mindy Hyman

“Southpaw Becomes A British Hip Hop Arena”

Dizzie Rascal, a British hip hop artist, performed at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn on March 11th. The crowd consisted of mostly British people ranging from eighteen to thirty-five years old and the place was jam-packed.

Dizzie Rascal has quite a following in England. It seemed as if all of the British people living in New York attended this show. Coming from a lover of east and west coast hip-hop coupled with the fact that New York standards for live hip hop is up there, I wasn’t impressed. However, hip-hop tells a different cultural experience depending on the origin of the artist. Perhaps if I could have understood what the rapper was saying, I might have had a better idea if it was cool or not.

Southpaw Pinball Machine
Photo Credit Mindy Hyman

The venue delivered a cool vibe due to its many record album covers on the walls and pinball machines in the corners.

Either way, the crowd loved the show.

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