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Antilia Presents A Sneak Peak at Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival
Prince George Ballroom
October 30, 2008


Written by William S. Gooch
Photo Credit Rob Loud

Sepia beauties, colorful costumes, intoxicating libations, and a little upscale rump shaking all make for an evening of celebration, titillation and revelry in the unique style of Carnival. On October 30, Organizer Antilia presented a preview of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago at the Prince George’s Ballroom.

Although I was not familiar with the play mas (masquerade), drumming bands, and costumed groups, the congenial atmosphere of celebration and community made me feel right as home as I made my way through the crowd of well-heeled gents and delicious ladies.

Wyclef Jean

Costumed performers from three bands—Island People, Elements, and Spice, entertained the revelers. Multi-platinum-selling artist, Wyclef Jean wooed the crowd with his Caribbean-styled melodies. And the double-jointed stilt walkers jammed to Caribbean-pop crossover artist R-Top Ray’s “I Like to Move It.”


The Prince George Ballroom was the perfect venue for this event with its intimate gallery —where we drank glasses of Alize and feasted on hors d’oeuvres of potato bread puffs, tamarind, and breaded chicken glazed with spicy Caribbean sauces—and its old world, ornate ballroom, where we were entertained by Caribbean crossover artists, a costumed fashion show, and the tropical gyrations of beautiful ladies clad for Carnival.

The mostly Trinidadian crowd attended this event in homage to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago where music, dance, and culture come together, and it’s okay to get a little drunk and be a little naughty. Others, like European tourists Tina Wallace and Angela Singh, came specially to see Wyclef Jean.

Even though I have never been to Carnival in Trinidad, this event whetted my appetite for the annual recreation of colorful costumes, pulsating rhythms, and culinary delights. Who knows, one day you might hear me say in an island patois, “No lie, dis mas jus makes you feel good, and feel yuh lookin good.”

A portion of the proceeds from Antilia Carnival will go to Common Ground, an international leader in the development of solutions to homelessness.


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