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Uh Huh Her at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza
October 29, 2008

Written by Matthew Boyd
Photographed by
Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo: Leisha Hailey

The excitement was quite palpable in the crowd that had gathered ahead of the Uh Huh Her show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza on the evening of October 29.

Camila Grey

The Nettwerk-signed act Uh Huh Her has at its core L Word actress Leisha Hailey, formerly of NYC’s The Murmurs, a band later renamed Gush, and Camila Grey, formerly of LA’s Mellowdrone. Camila is posted on lead vox, guitar, bass, and keys duties, while Leisha marks her attendance with vox, synthesizer, and bass duties.


Leisha Hailey Camila Grey


Upon learning that one of the members of UHH had been a part of Mellowdrone, a band I recalled having discovered and enjoyed two or more years ago while surfing music blogs, I was excited to see what sort of a sound and show combination UHH was going to put to their eager showgoers. UHH’s sound, however, has little in common with the project Grey previously had her hand in, but instead pays musical lip service to the synth-pop of Garbage and the sweet vocal clarity of a Sarah McLachlan. This is a combination to which the audience gave a roaring affirmation that buoyed the act through their set.

The Fashion

Epic-signed openers The Fashion were doing their part to bring back a laid-back ‘90s “dudes in t-shirts” rock aesthetic while ably delivering a refreshingly exciting set of clean and angular pop. They gave the vocal fans they had embedded in the crowd a bit of a high-energy Cure mock-up with some Perry Farrel toned down with unironic Scandinavian happiness and comfortable beer. Despite their efforts, and the fun they obviously had performing, the crowd was by and large blasé during most of their set. This was through no fault of their own- after seeing the nonplussed crowd’s sudden animation once the headliners took the stage, it became as clear as an Obama victory that the majority of the fans gathered had come to cast their vote for UHH.

Currently on the West Coast, UHH is touring the US through November 14 before heading to London.

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