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Brooklyn Royalty Fashion Show
September 2008 Fashion Week
28 West 36th Street
September 7, 2008

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Belkis Carrasco

Styling the L Train

"Brooklyn Royalty...serve(s) as an outlet to design graphics and apparel for proud Brooklynites who, like myself, love the dynamic creativity and community feel of our neighborhoods." Designer Bob Bland.

Bob Bland (a really cute girl, actually) has designed an eco-friendly line of casual clothing that will be just the thing to cloth Brooklyn's hipsters and their fashion loving fans. For Spring 2009, Bland has collaborated with Vin-T Bikini (for the swimwear, naturally) and Jee Yun Ha Jewelry designs (for the feather, flower and hardware designed jewelry).

From the swimwear to the Brooklyn style let's-get-married-at-our-favorite-bar style wedding dress, Bland has created a line that ensures her customers will have a fun and stylish spring. The jeans that marched the runway had an incredible fit; the casual tops were appropriately slouchy; and the green-emblem Brooklyn Royalty clothing will appropriately adorn the Kings and Queens of Brooklyn.

P. S. In a harbinger of Bland's future fame, the audience for the Brooklyn Royalty Show was one of the hippest-looking groups I saw at Fashion Week.


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