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Phillipe and David Blond
Spring/ Summer 2009
Fashion Show
The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street
September 10, 2008

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Belkis Carrasco

Style icons sat front row at the Blonds Spring/Summer 2009 runway show. Sequins, glitter, see through material, feathers, and full-on glam were part of a fashion story that entrenched the audience in a dialogue about everything fabulous in the New York City fashion scene. Designers David and Phillipe Blond infused the spirit of club goers and glamizons through the use of brightly hued fabric and provocative clothing. Paying homage to a Pink Floyd-meets-Donna Summer theme, the clothing focused on nightlife and special occasion ensembles. Playing upon the tile of the show, the result was that a blond beauty had mysteriously fallen from the sky and ended up at a chic party. And she was, of course, dressed to thrill.

The models were vamped out in MAC makeup, sky high stilettos, and Barbie-esque physiques. For most collections, this would be entirely too much sparkle. But, for the Blonds, this love of look-at-me glamour just generated even more buzz. Definitely not fans of the minimalist movement, the Blonds reminded us that fashion should never take itself too seriously. And, of course, they proved that Blonds really do have more fun. Our thoughts? Party on because we just can’t get enough of these guys!

You can catch up with The Blonds on Myspace.

  Philippe Blond

David and Philippe Blonde

Murray Hill (R)
Amanda Lepore (R)

Kazmo Rodeo, ?, Lady Bunny, Jojo Americo & ?

Andre J



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