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Dalayh Jewelry Store
*Diamonds from the Source*
Opening Party
625 Madison at 58th Street
March 26, 2009

Written by Kim Weling

Opposite Photo: Dalyah Duek-Flaks
and Moshe Duek

Jewelry Photos Courtesy of
Dalayh Jewelry Store

Dalayh Duek-Flaks unveiled the first Dalayh retail store at the opening party at 625 Madison Avenue at 58th Street on March 26, 2009. Guests mingled amongst champagne and chocolate while viewing the stunningly crafted jewelry collection.

Dalyah Jewelry Design

Dalayh presents customers with unique designs but also provides the option of customizing jewelry pieces, such as selecting the stone and setting for an engagement ring. Dalayh specializes in engagement rings, helping customers find the perfect ring in their price range.

Dalayh Jewelry Design

Dalayh ’s designs range from classic to edgy and modern. Fun fashion pieces start at $2,000 and couture pieces go up to the $100,000 range.

Dalayh Jewelry Design


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