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Ask Miss Wendy -  Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice to New York's Sexually Challenged

Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice
Plus Some Occasional Comments on the
State of the Popular Culture

Ask Miss Wendy
L-R: Michael Mazocco, Wendy R. Williams, Armistead Johnson
Photo Credit: Stephen Mosher



Sarah Jessica Parker
Janet Mayer / PR Photos

The Beat Goes On: Check out this photo of Sarah Jessica Parker filming
Sex and the City 2 at the Plaza Hotel in New York on September 9, 2009. SATC2's release date is May 28, 2010 approximately six month after and before Halloween so what gives with the young Madonna on crack look? Scroll down to see Kim Cattrall in a similar get up.

But when it seems like entire city is dolled up for Fashion Week, this is fun.

Ruminations on Racism and Jackasses: Representative Joe Wilson recently made a braying jackass of himself by yelling "You lie," during President Obama's health care address to Congress. He was upset because he though illegal aliens could slip through the cracks and pay for their own health insurance**. Not to be outdone, Kanye West hijacked Taylor Swift's acceptance of her award at the VMA's, by stating that Beyonce's video was much better. Then former President Jimmy Carter opined that Wilson's outburst was a symbol of the racism that Obama has been facing (being called a witch doctor, being compared to Hitler). And President Obama (in an off the record comment to John Harwood, CNBC's chief Washington correspondent) called Kanye West a jackass for grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift (please, please, President Obama, don't apologize for this) and his aside was twittered around the world. My, oh my, oh my.

Enough of this bad behavior! Everyone needs to stop this right now unless they want Miss Wendy to start prowling the halls of Congress and the VMA's with her wooden spoon ready to swat demented Congressmen and drunken rappers. I know West is a recent orphan, but don't either of these two "jackasses" remember a thing their mothers taught them?

**Anyone who has ever known anyone who tried to obtain Social Security Disability payments knows how hard it is to get the government to hand out money for free.


Kim Cattrall
Photo Credit Janet Mayer/ PR Photos

The Beat Goes On: Here is photo of Kim Cattrall on location, filming Sex and the City 2. If this does not cheer you up, I don't know what will. And the SATC2 is telling the story of what???

The Beat Goes On: There is a marvelous bit of hypocrisy on It seems that Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce from his estranged wife claiming that SHE was unfaithful. But here is the fun kicker, they have been separated for over eleven years and Hugh says he agreed to stay married for the sake of the children.

The mind reels!


From Miss Wendy to her readers: I am always being asked if there is anyway I can get someone into a Fashion Week show and all I can say is no - it is difficult enough for me to get inside some shows, and impossible to take a "plus one."

But now it seems that a fashion lover who does not write for a fashion rag or own or work for a department store (but has some money to burn) can attend a show in the tents. According to this press release from the W Hotel, it is now possible for an unconnected person from the Midwest to buy a "connection."

Exclusive W Hotels Catwalk Package Offers Fashionistas A Chance to Experience Fashion Week Like a VIP While Helping Raise Money for Dress for Success

W Hotels of New York proudly announces their most fashion-forward offer, the Catwalk Package. This limited-time, exclusive package offers style aficionados the opportunity to view a runway show at Bryant Park, relax in style backstage at the W Hotels VIP Backstage Lounge, and enjoy the best of Fashion Week in true W Hotels style. In addition to these benefits, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of each package will be generously donated to Dress for Success.

“The Catwalk Package is a unique way for W Hotels to set itself apart from other luxury hotel brands by offering our guests the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be a part of Fashion Week. With the Catwalk Package, our guests are able to enjoy Fashion Week as celebrities and models do-in the lap of luxury,” says Eva Ziegler, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels.

Fashionably exclusive at W New York – Union Square, the Catwalk package includes:

- Two Stylish Cocktails in the W Living Room Before Leaving for the Show
- *Two VIP Tickets to a Runway Show at Bryant Park. This season, tickets to the following shows are available: BCBG, Nicole Miller, Lacoste, Herve Leger, Custo Barcelona, Carolina Herrara, Tracy Reese, Badgley Mischka, Max Azria, TIBI, Nanette Lepore
- Two VIP Passes to W’s exclusive W Hotels VIP Backstage Lounge, which will offer a sneak peek at new W properties such as W South Beach, W Retreat & Spa-Vieques Island and W Barcelona.
- Late 3 PM Check-Out
- A Fabulous Suite

WOW Your Catwalk Experience: Who wants to Rent The Runway? In advance of their October launch, Rent The Runway will provide Catwalk guests an exclusive opportunity to work with a stylist to assemble the perfect designer look for your visit to New York Fashion Week. Catwalk customers can choose to rent dresses from top designers such as Proenza Schouler, Brian Reyes, Herve Leger, and Robert Rodriguez and will have special access to pieces that were made specifically for celebrities or come straight from the runway. For more information please inquire when reserving your catwalk experience. W guests can register to become a member of Rent the Runway at

*Tickets are subject to availability. Pricing starts from $969 per night based on double occupancy. To book, call Sasha Proano at 917-534-5946. For more information, visit


London's Notting Hill Carnival
Photo Credit Krisztina Fazekas

The Beat Goes On: Here is a bit to cheer you up as we slog through 2009, London just held its celebrated Notting Hill Carnival. Billed as the Europe's largest street party, the Carnival is held on the last weekend of August and is colorful, exuberant magic. Celebrants dress "to the nines" and hit the streets to "dance, baby, dance." Check out Krisztina Fazekas' photographs of the 2007 carnival and wish you were there.


The Beat Goes On: Singer Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years of probation and 180 hours of community service for beating up his then girl friend, Rihanna. This may look like a slap on the wrist, but community service is no picnic these days. Brown will be picking up roadside trash and cleaning municipal garages in Richmond, Virginia (Brown is from Virginia). Municipalities are using community service parolees to do all the nasty jobs no paying employee wants to do. Virginia is an incredibly hot and humid state and it will certainly be no walk in the park to be that states' lackey.

So, maybe, this lesson will stick.


The Muppets Studio LLC

The Muppets Studio LLC

In preparation for the the upcoming Fashion Week, designer Marc Jacos met with fashion icon Miss Piggy and sent these fun photos. After all, there is nothing more fabulous than Miss Piggy and or for that matter, Marc Jacobs.


Calling the Academy Award Girls: That annoying Jon Gosselin is still trashing up the tabloids. It is time for "Thank you very much," kiss, kiss, goodbye and off the stage you go. And if you gals have a bit more energy, please escort Sarah Palin off to the wings also. Those two fish have had their three days.


Jon Hamm of Mad Men
Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

The Beat Goes On: The third season of AMC's Mad Men premiered last night (Sunday's at 10PM) and it was worth every bit of the wait. Mad Men is television at its absolute best - HBO on standard cable. Watching Mad Men I was reminded of the serendipity of a hit show. In Mad Men, all the parts work: Matthew Weiner's script; the direction; and the incredible cast. The casting is superb and the talent behind the selection of the cast if one reason this show is such a hit. I certainly hope that all the cast members realize that the blue bird of casting perfection has dropped on their heads and don't bail to become film actors. For every George Clooney there is a David Caruso (left NYPD Blue) or a Farah Fawcett (left Charlie's Angels) who spent a long time in the wilderness before they found a footing in celluloid heaven. Caruso eventually returned to playing a cop on TV (CSI Miami), the exact job he left in his search for greener pastures.

So here's to the cast of Mad Men, "You are in heaven. So enjoy!"


Ruminations: I have gone on and on about how ugly Crocs are and how no true New Yorker would even be caught dead in a pair, but then I read an article that gave me pause. Crocs, the ugly cheap shoes of the masses, have hit hard times and may even have to go bankrupt (Washington Yikes! I feel terribly guilty. Ugly or not, they were inventive and truly must have been comfortable (I don't know, I am Miss Wendy after all and cannot have Crocs peeking out from the bottom of my frock). But then I saw a ray of hope for Crocs - four stylish Japanese women sitting at one of the outdoor tables on Broadway with Crocs on their feet. So all may is well. The Japanese are the true trend setters in fashion, so Crocs may very well have ascended into the realm of camp inhabited by Hello Kitty etc. etc..


Britney Spears
2009 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals
August 9, 2009
Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

The Beat Goes On: I received this photo of Britney Spears and though, "Wow, what a difference." The photo says everything; she looks healthy and happy. When Britney gets to the point she can manage her own affairs her father, Jamie Spears, should really consider taking his life coaching skills on the road. Everyone could use a little help from Jamie.


Ruminations: I got this ad by email this morning from Neiman Marcus. In case you are a New Yorker who has never traveled to LA, Juicy Couture is an expensive line of clothing that made its name by re-designing 1970's velour track suits to upholster and delineate every line of LA women's bottoms. This is a line that you never see in New York because New York women don't want anyone to think they are from Queens (even if they are). But having said that, the designers behind Juicy are attempting to have a "broader" appeal by designing more traditional luxury items. But in the meantime, if you see Juicy, you have most likely been transported to LA.

P. S. to Neimans: No one who wears Juicy eats dessert. I know this ad is supposed to be a fantasy, but come on!.

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