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Aaron Beaumont
The Living Room
December 11, 2008

Written by Kristen Salem

Aaron Beaumont is the perfect gentleman. Greeting the small crowd at the Living Room with appreciation for their staying out so late on a weeknight - one that also happened to include torrential rain - he was instantly likeable. In a dapper waistcoat, pin-stripe trousers and loafers, he channelled an old man’s spirit in a young man’s body. This is kind of like his music- it contains the soulful and simple reflection of an old soul.

Optimistic, heartfelt and slightly quirky, Beaumont stands out in the sea of singer-songwriters who descend upon dark bars in Manhattan. His similarity to Gary Jules was cemented when he explained to the crowd that he had opened for him in Los Angeles the week prior, to an even smaller crowd. “L.A. doesn’t come out when it’s raining”, he explained.

The songs are like love letters or journal entries. He has an excellent control over his voice. ‘The Time Will Come’ is one of the more accomplished numbers required precise microphone placement. ‘I’ll plant a garden with your tears…’ one of the lyrics from the song, is one example of his use of imagery with words.

The handful of drinkers kept warm by his uplifting stage presence and entertaining anecdotes between songs, all seemed to have fallen in love a little. Equipped with moving, personal lyrics, a humble attitude and an image reminiscent of a 1920’s nickelodeon actor, Aaron Beaumont appears to have a very bright future ahead of him.

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