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JellyNYC Pool Party
Fucked Up
Mission of Burma
July12, 2009

Written by Joshua Williams Photographed By Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo: Ponytail


JellyNYC has done an admirable job the last few years with their pool parties. With the news of the pool was to reclaim its original purpose, everyone was all atwitter with worry. Where would they spend their Sundays?

Well, never fear folks, the pool may be gone, but the party lives on the banks of the east river. You still got your dodge ball games, beers and relatively cheap food. On a sadder note, I do not I think the slip and slide made the transition. It is probably the price to pay for cooperating with the parks department.


The first band we were able to see was Ponytail. Umm…why? Why was this “band” allowed on stage? Who in their right mind thinks this provides anything of merit? If I ever have to hear that constant wail of that singer, I will eventually ram an ice pick into my ear. Is this supposed to be experimental? If so, what is the hypothesis? That someone would like it? If you test that hypothesis repeatedly, you will realize the experiment failed. Please don’t do that to me again.

Pinky of Fucked Up

After enduring Ponytail’s set, I was ready to catch some hardcore in the form of Fucked Up. We have reviewed this band previously when we ventured out west to Coachella. As I said before, Epics in Minutes is a brilliant album. This band slaughters you with their three guitar hardcore style. I gave front-man Pinky some grief last time, but this time around, I enjoyed him a lot more. He has an unmistakable presence on the stage. This band could eventually make a bigger name. They have the potential of not being just a memorable band, but an influential band. The next few years will tell.

Mission of Burma

The first pool party of 2009 closed with the Mission of Burma. Bringing out this band is a continuation of Jelly NYC’s practice of bringing on bands that never received the respect they originally deserved and then reminding us of why they were so great to begin with. All of the original elements were there, sometimes anthemic, sometimes experimental, onstage improvisations melded with composition pieces.

So, even though some elements are different, the pool parties are back. With the backdrop of Manhattan across the river, it may even be a better location. Moreover, the line up looks damn good this summer. Good job keeping the party alive Jelly! See you on Sunday.

Mission of Burma

Pinky of Fucked Up

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