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Combier and Tequila Tasting
Light Space NYC
347 West 36th Street

Written by Kim Weling

Photos Courtesy of Kira Kohrherr of K Public Relations LLC


Combier Liqueur D’Orange hosted an evening of interactive tastings and hors d’oeuvres highlighting the perfect pairing between Combier and Tequila. Three margaritas were on the menu for the night, with smoked salt on the rim - Classic (Combier, tequila, fresh lime juice and agave nectar), Blood Orange (Combier, tequila, blood orange juice, fresh lime and agave nectar), and Prickly Pear (Combier, tequila, prickly pear, fresh lime juice and agave nectar). The Prickly Pear was definitely the drink of choice, while shots of Combier were on hand for a stronger effect. Guests enjoyed crab cakes, quesadillas, potato puffs and coconut shrimp.

Scott Goldman
President and Director of Sales
Cadre Noir, L.L.C

Combier had just launched in the United States 6 months ago, exclusively through importer Cadre Noir, L.L.C. Cadre Noir is an importer of artisanal French liqueurs, crèmes and spirits, led by President and Director of Sales, Scott Goldman and his two brothers Ryan and Curt. Scott and his brothers were at the event with the full support and enthusiasm shared by immediate family, including their mother, father and grandfather. The family made it an intimate and friendly atmosphere, making you feel like you were amongst old friends.

The Scene

Currently, Combier is available in 150 restaurants, bars and liquor stores in NYC. Off premise locations include Sherry Lehman and On premise locations include La Esquina, Randolph on Broome, Macondo, Rouge Tomate, Country, Bar Stuzzichini and The Oak Room at the Plaza.

The Drinks

Combier was founded in the village of Saumur in 1834, as an independent, family-owned producer of ultra premium distilled alcoholic beverages. Liqueur d’orange is Combier’s signature product. Jean-Baptiste Combier invented the original orange liqueur, also known as triple sec, in 1834.

For information on Combier cocktails and recipes, check out

Scott Goldman and Brothers


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