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Sylvia Tosun & Loverush UK
CD Release Party Hosted by Phillipe and David Blond at
Nikki Midtown
151 East 50th Street
June 4, 2009

Written and Photographed by Daniel Perry

Opposite Photo:
Designer Philippe Blond

The always fab fashion designers The Blonds and MAO PR hosted a party at Nikki Midtown in honor of Sylvia Tosun & Loverush UK's new CD, 5 Reasons. About 400 people packed into the exotic midtown venue; Nikki Beach was so crowded that the fire marshals were called in to turn people away - guests were forced to stand on the furniture for lack of floor space. Mao has continually attracted the most interesting mix of uptown and downtown types from the worlds of fashion, music and media. Producers, DJs, models and posers were in attendance in abundance. Pulsing music filled the room. The huge buffet later served as the stage for Sylvia and her scantily clad dancers. This rockin' event lasted into the wee hours. All hail MAO PR, the fantabulous Blonds and Sylvia Tosun & Loverush!

David Blond, Soigne Deluxe and Philippe Blond

Mike Ruiz( back), Maripol Meoli and
Jason Le Blond
Robert Richards and Asher Levine

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