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Artseen, An Auction to Benefit
The New York Foundation
For the Arts
Friedrich Petzel Gallery, NYC
Monday, May 4, 2009


Written and Photographed by
Daniel Perry

Opposite Photo:
Edisa and Judy Brodsky

According to their website, the New York Foundation for the Arts "mission is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives." On May 4th, the Foundation hosted an auction selling art pieces from over one hundred artists. Even in these hard economic times, the event was filled with art lovers. Many of the women were dressed in bright summer hues, some with fun hats made from arts supplies from the gallery walls. It was fun, it was cheerful, it was art.

Alexander Gilkes and Friend

Sarah Basile, Hayley Bloomingdale and Anastasia Rogers

Todd DiCiurco, Benjimen Pasteur (Scallywags and Vagabonds)
and Megan DiCiurco

Lisa Rosen and Two Friends

Jocelyn Elliot Nazy Nazhand (R) and Friend
Bettina Prentiss Field Kallop, Brittany Black
and Etta Meyer
Carol Han (Center)
and Kristan Laliberte (R)
Edisa and Judy Brodsky

Michael Royce, Susan Bell and Friend

Marlene, Spielman, Judy Brodsky and Marjorie Martay




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