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William S.Gooch Talks to
Sally LaPointe and Sarah Adelson
of S.Love Fashion

Photo Credit: Ernie Green

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S.Love: Inspiration in Hard Times

Everybody knows that it takes talent and innovation to be a fashion designer, but in an economy where everybody seems to be cutting back, it also takes a keen business sense, strategic planning and lots of moxie. With their new clothing line S.Love, Sally LaPointe and Sarah Adelson have all those elements and then some. Not daunted by economic retraction, these two firebrands have created a specialty collection that reflects their individual styles and something for that woman who wants to take on a new personality after her 9-to-5.

After their showing at the Tenjune Fashionista Summer Kick-Off Party, Sally LaPointe and Sarah Adelson took out some time to talk me about S.Love, their life and what inspires them.

William S. Gooch: Tell me a little bit about your background?

Sally LaPointe: I am from a suburb outside of Boston and I went to the Rhode Island School of Design, which is where I met my business partner, Sarah Adelson. We both majored in apparel and after graduation moved to NYC. We both got jobs in the industry and we knew early on that we wanted to start something new. I had an idea of how I wanted to market and design. Sarah thought my concept was a great idea, so we strategized and formed S.Love Fashions in March of 2008.

William S. Gooch: What work did you do in the industry before branching off on your own?

Sally LaPointe: I was designing men’s accessories.

Sarah Adelson: I was doing children’s clothing designs. I always had a good head for business and I wasn’t happy just designing. So, when I heard about Sally’s ideas, I figured this was a good chance to use my business acumen.

Sally LaPointe: S.Love was something I wanted to do for a long time. Because we both bring something different to the business, we compliment each other. We design a type of specialty women’s wear that you don’t see everywhere.

William S. Gooch: How did you go about starting S. Love?

Sarah Adelson: We started in March ’08 and very quickly got our LLC, and we immediately started working with a sample maker, purchasing fabrics and designing the line. And it kind of grew from there.

William S. Gooch: Now, you call your look elegant downtown soul. Could you define that a little more?

Sally LaPointe: We feel that although our designs are very downtown and edgy, because of the styling they also have a sophisticated, upscale appeal. And all our dresses are made locally.

William S. Gooch: Your current look is a kind of retro-night life, goth look. Could you talk about that?

Sally LaPointe: I am thrilled that so many people who have seen our collection understand our vision. Our current collection is the perfect marriage between goth, punk, and a wild night-out-on-the-town look.

William S. Gooch: What inspired this collection?

Sally LaPointe: This collection was inspired by how I dress everyday, just more over the top. I made all the shoes and accessories. The shoes have a lot of leather wrapping and fur trim. So this collection is an extension of my own personal style.

William S. Gooch: Are you implying that the long black fingernail extensions reflect your personal?

Sally LaPointe: Well, for our recent fashion show some things were exaggerated for effect. I do paint my nails black, but I don’t wear the long plastic nail extensions. (Laughing) I do wear black gloves in the winter, but the gloves in the show were black surgical gloves. I don’t go that far. (Laughing)

Sarah Adelson: Sally and I like to have fun and we want people to have fun with our clothes. We believe fashion should be enjoyable. Our designs reflect that wild, crazy, exuberant side of city life.

William S. Gooch: How many individual looks are in your collection?

Sally LaPointe: Before I became a fashion designer, I was a painter. So our current collection combines those two worlds. All of our pieces are hand-painted. We have five dresses and four scarves in this collection.

William S. Gooch: In this economic downturn affordability is key. What is the price range of this collection?

Sarah Adelson: We didn’t want our clothes to be too pricey, however all of our designs are hand painted. The dresses range from $575 to $780 and the scarves are $150. Consumers should remember that these items are special occasion pieces.

William S. Gooch: What type of woman buys your clothes?

Sally LaPointe: The woman is strong, spontaneous woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She lives on the edge but she also has sophisticated taste. She wants to make a statement. But, we have also had preppy, conservatively dressed women who customize our dresses and accessories to their look and lifestyle.

William S. Gooch: Where can shoppers find your designs?

Sarah Adelson: Shoppers can find and purchase our clothes on our website, Very soon we will be in boutiques and those locations will be updated on our website.

William S. Gooch: What’s next for S. Love Fashions?

Sarah Adelson: We will be designing our fall collection this summer and looking to showcase that collection sometime this autumn.





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