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Dropkick Murphys, Civet and H2O
March 6, 2009


Written by Stephanie Fouts
Photographed by Elana Yakubov


Opposite Photo:
Jacqui Valentine of Civet

Roseland kicked off the best month on the calendar with Civet, H2O and Dropkick Murphys Friday. Nothing is more Irish than scally caps, spilt beer and the smell of skunk in a non-smoking venue. I felt like I was at my family reunion. All the boys look like my cousins and act like them, too. Crazy Mics! I can say that, my granny’s name was Mickey and I am a natural redhead. Anyway, this show was one of the best shows I have been to in NYC in a long time!

Liza Graves of Civet Jacqui Valentine of Civet

Civet, the jailhouse pin-ups were fun, flirty and all punk. Ms. Roxie Darling, drummer, kept everything fast and furious, just the way I like it. Ms. Liza Graves, guitarist and lead vocals, engaged and energized the crowd between numbers. Coquette. A pure punk performance was given by lefty guitarist Ms. Suzi Homewrecker. To fill out the femme fatales, Ms. Jacqui Valentine was on bass.
Friendship is important. A punk song about friendship is even better. “All I Want,” sums up what we all want in friendship and what we all need to remember. “Boys will come and boys will go, just like street cars.” True. The ladies covered Murder City Devils’ “I Drink the Wine” and dedicated it to all the boozers. They did a good job at it, too. “Hell Hath No Fury” is a great song that makes you want to scream along! It’s also the name of their album.

Toby Morse of H2O

Adam Blake of H2O Toby Morse of H2O

H2O. New York legends. H2O. My, my H2O. They came on to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” And I gotta say, it was phenom. The whole, damn thing from beginning to end was phenom. I wish I could give a more detailed account of what they played and what they did, but they did more than just play a few songs to make me want to tap my feet. They captured me and took me back to 1995 with “1995.” I stayed there for the entire set. Their performance was so enthralling, I couldn’t take any notes. It didn’t really matter that I was wearing a swing dress and pink-flowered, four-inch pumps. I banged my head, my shoulders, raised my arms against everything and stomped around in my pink-flowered, four-inch pumps that I wore to match the pink flower in my hair. A steady stream of bodies was launched from the pit. One kid finally evaded security and made it onto the stage to do high kicks. Morse asked who was old-school, and there were a lot of us there. Some old-schoolers brought their children. It was beautiful. Hardcore is timeless. If it’s in you, it’s always in you. Another treat for everyone, Roger Miret from Agnostic Front came out. This set was a perfect outlet to release a lot of pent up energy. I am getting the new record, “Nothing to Prove.” Although I traded in my chucks about 10 years ago for pumps and sling-backs, hardcore stays in your heart forever.

Drop Kick Muprhys
Tim Brennan (Accordian)

Al Barr of Drop Kick Muprhys Ken Casey Drop Kick Muprhys

Lights down, the altar lit, the cathedral glowing. The green tees and beers flowing. Everyone was pressing forward for communion. As always, Dropkick Murphys deliver. I am a New York City girl now, but Boston was my first city. Southie to be specific. Sentimentality and wisdom ooze with booze and the Irish excel at this fine art. Irish folk mixes with just about anything, and Dropkick does it oh, so well. “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya,” arm-and-armed strangers to dance and chant “haroo, haroo.” The steady stream of bodies kept coming forth with more force and frequency through “Sunshine Highway” and “Bastards on Parade.” Redbeard, a New York kid, who has been breaching the guards and getting on stage to do high kicks and sing for the past 10 years, made it again and was duly celebrated by the band for taking beatings to get to the stage. The traditional duet, “Dirty Glass” was performed with Ms. Graves from Civet and she did a great gritty version. The Irish love family and we had a solemn moment for Wardy as everyone sang “Forever.” Although I was in a swing dress and pink-flowered, four-inch pumps, I was able to climb on stage for “Shitfaced.” What a celebration of life and being Irish.

Kiss me, I’m Fouts!

Civet Lineup: Liza graves, Suzi homewrecker, Jacqui valentine, Roxy darling

H2O Lineup: Toby Morse, Todd Morse, Adam Blake, Rusty Pistachio, Todd Friend

Drop Kick Murphys Lineup: Al Barr (Mr. Sexy), Ken Casey, Matt Kelley, James Lynch, Scruffy Wallace, Tim Brennan, Jeff Darosa

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