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Glorious Veins at
Public Assembly
February 27, 2009

Written by Joe Carman
Photographed by Elana Yakubov


Paul Pangman of Glorious Veins


New York City has no shortage of venues to catch a good rock show. We have well known spots ranging from arenas and cavernous concert venues, a la Terminal 5, to the very popular and much missed CBGB’s. For those into the Indie rock scene, sometimes smaller is better. In these spaces, we can really get to know a band. And hopefully, you’re off to see a band that wants to know you. The Glorious Veins are just such a band and The Public Assembly in Williamsburg is just such a place.

Lee Grasso

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing an energetic and entertaining show by The Glorious Veins at The Public Assembly. Reigning in from as far as the Philippines and London, to places closer to home via Wisconsin and Connecticut, these four artists bring their individual talents and tastes to this seething cauldron of musical mayhem we call New York City. The band weaves indie rock with upbeat blues/jazz guitar riffs, funky bass, driving rhythms and syncopation, and a front man whose lyrical word play and suspender-clad antics will keep your eyes glued to the stage. As an added bonus, he can also sing.


Matt “Howlin” Howels

Wiggy Colmenares

Paul Pangman, the bands singer and primary songwriter, does a wonderful job in both providing entertainment for the eyes and belting out memorable melodies. "Behind the 8 Ball" is an upbeat punk influenced jam with lyrical musings reminiscent of The Cars.

"Finding Dennis" is a comical mostly spoken word song begging for a well-known cartoon character to help get our country back on its feet. "Eternal Bandstand" has all the ingredients of a late 50’s, early 60’s high school dance that Marty Mcfly might have danced the Charleston to. "Tinfoil Hats" is another early rock style song with an addition of horns as well as guitar licks and vocal hooks reminiscent of Modest Mouse.

The Glorioius Veins

The Glorious Veins have brought together sounds of 50 years of rock and roll into a cohesive, modern, and thoroughly entertaining package that you should not miss. With their newer upbeat style and funky syncopated grooves, it’s clear the band’s core purpose is to make the place rock. All of this is done in a lighthearted manner showing that you don’t always have to have that “teen angst” ridden vibe to hook the crowd. The guys are in the process of putting together a full-length album so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. While you are waiting ever so impatiently for the cd, you can check them out at , or better yet go check out a show.

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