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Alison Nelson's
Chocolate Bar Re-Opening
9 Eight Avenue
Between Jane and
West 12th Street
May 1, 2009

Written by Kim Weling

Opposite Photo Credit:
Kim Weling

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar celebrated its West Village Homecoming on May 1st, 2009. The classic and spicy brownies being served are a taste of heaven to any chocolate lover, making it difficult to have just one, two or three. Fun and witty framed tag lines fill the shelves along one of the store walls. Some of the tag lines include ‘let’s just pretend the last 12 months never happened. we’re back’, ‘disobey your dentist. eat some chocolate. we’re back.’ and ‘the official non-prescription pain killer available here. we’re back’.

Photo Credit Kim Weling

The chocolate and coffee shop located at 19 Eight Avenue between Jane and West 12th Street is just steps away from its original West Village location that closed last year. The 500 square foot store has table and bar seating for 12, and will recycle its original retail shelves and espresso machine.

Executive Chef Gustaf Mabrouk
And Owner Alison Nelson

Photo Credit Azikiwe Mohammed for Guest of a Guest

New to Chocolate Bar is internationally acclaimed Executive Chef, Gustaf Mabrouk, who will craft an exclusive line of artisanal chocolate bars, truffles, hot chocolate and mallowmars.

Tama Janowitz, PaigePowell and Jeff Slonim
Photo Credit Azikiwe Mohammed for Guest of a Guest

The East Village Chocolate Bar store had closed a few months ago, but if you are looking to venture to other locations check out the third floor atrium of Henri Bendel at 712 Fifth Avenue, or the Long Beach Island store in Beach Haven, NJ.



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