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Adira Amram
Music Hall of Williamsburg
September 30, 2009

Written by Joshua Williams
Photographed by Amy Davidson

Adira Amram will make you piss your pants. Or so opined Kid Koala as he introduced her on September 30 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. And without a doubt, Miss Amram is stupendously quirky and funny. After being introduced by Koala, as part of “the Slew”, now traveling the country, Amram, dressed in a hoody and shades, entered the stage affecting the posings of a hip hop star.

One of the funniest things about the performance is even after her introduction as someone who is extremely funny, many in the crowd didn’t fathom this was a comedy act. They were bewildered as her back up dancers ripped off her outfit, revealing a 1980s aerobics outfit and the set entered into silly dance pop territory. The crowd became more and more appreciative and amused with each song, and by “Fingerblast”, were actively participating.

Amram does an excellent job exposing the ridiculousness of much of pop music performance. From the outfits and choreography to the soulfully emotive piano ballad ( a song about getting high with her mother), she touched on the themes that we all love to a certain point, yet cannot help but acknowledge the obvious clichés. I would love for her to add a guitar solo face piece to the set.

And even though it was extremely funny, lyrically and visually, Amram has talent as a singer, performer, and writer. “Mom Song” may be a silly song about smoking pot with her mother, but it is a well crafted song to boot. The dance songs could easily be played in any dance club setting. Good craftsmanship in both song and comedy, it was a pleasure to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks peed their pants.


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