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Diego Binetti Fashion Show
Exit Art
475 West 10th Avenue #1 September 12, 2009

Written and Photographed by Mark Tauriello

Digeo Binetti’s brilliant Spring 2010 collection had a futuristic warrior aesthetic, so I was basically in my glory. Many of his designs featured metal panels, geometric armor, and multiple cut out shapes. Some of his fabric choices featured Japanese prints, creating a hard-edged, modern look, with a splash of Zen, making a harmonious balance between the hard and soft elements. Binetti also presented colorful peacock feather prints, and firework blossoms. The organic shapes moved like amoebas, taking on a life of their own.

Okay, so now I must talk about my favorite piece in the collection, the metal leggings! Love it. Let’s talk about the futuristic aesthetic, could Diego Binetti be channeling Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, or even C-3P0 from Star Wars? These tights featured gold overlapping panels with thick bolts going down the sides, keeping them together. I know we have seen this look before in Balenciaga’s Spring 2007 collection, but this is still a concept that is worth repeating because it’s pushing us towards a more industrial look with innovative materials. Aside from just the metal armored tights, I thought that combining them with the light weight Japanese print fabric was a perfect fusion of the old world that embraced nature and the new world which embraces steel and technology. With a rough economy and an ever so competitive job market, we really need to suit up for battle.








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