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Bespoken Fashion Installation
February 2010 Fashion Week
Hosfelt Gallery, 531 West 36th


Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Mary Blanco

The British line Bespoken is the child of the well respected Turnbull & Asser house, creator (not manufacturer) of fine menswear. Bespoken is the next generation of Turnbull & Asser, both in design and heritage. Bespoken is the creation of three brothers (Liam Fayed, Sam Fayed and James Fayed) plus two brothers (Paulo Goncalves and Carlos Goncalves).

The name Bespoken means custom made, as in spoken for (the wool used to be labeled with the name of the customer). The line is ready-to-wear, but still has the look of tailored menswear, but with a youthful mod cut. The jackets are cut short and tight, giving a look of "I grew and inch or two since I bought this suit during my last year at University."

The Fall 2010 Fashion Installation at the Hosfelt Gallery, an edgy gallery in a not- quite-gentrified block a few feet from the Hudson River, was beautifully staged. The models stood on the perimeter of a large volume of space, bathed in natural light from the large windows. The moody Fall 2010 video was projected on the walls giving an Into the Looking Glass vibe to the presentation, the grit of the gallery mirroring the grit in the video.

The garments are fun and rich and just the thing to purchase after you are accepted at Cambridge.

Watch this video to learn more about Bespoken:

Fall/Winter 2010 from Bespoken on Vimeo.


Liam Fayed, Heidi Bivens (Stylist for the show) and Sam Fayed



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