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Diana Eng's
Fairtytale Fashion Show
Art & Technology Center
540 W 21st Street, NYC.
February 24, 2010

Written and Photographed by Mark Tauriello


Mastering the art of fusing technology and fashion together, Diana Eng created a collection breaking the conventional ideas of design. Using her "fashion nerd" abilities through her knowledge of mathematics, science, and design, Eng was able to create magical clothing that changed shape, inflated, and lit up! The Fairytale Fashion Show was an experience that was truly out of this world. Though pieces like her inflatable gown, or her balloon dress are more conceptual than commercial, they put on an excellent show while challenging the way we look at clothing and engineering. Her designs show a stylish relationship between the two. It's always exciting to see what Diana Eng will come up with next, hopefully men’s pieces! Why did she have to be eliminated too soon on Project Runway season 2? Keeping in the spirit of Project Runway, designer Malan Breton attended the show, giving Diana a helping hand!


Malan Breton


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