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The Blonds Fashion Show
The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street
February 16, 2010

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Mary Blanco

Opposite Photo:
Phillipe Blond

The Blonds Fall 2010 Fashion Show was a psychedelic easter basket. The Teddy Bears were having their picnic; they were all there: the drag queens; the stylists; the disco fairies; the hot and the young. It was old home week for the fab with kiss kiss and darlings flying through the air.

"It's a jungle out there," was the theme and visions of King Kong and Anne Darrow rocked the runway; gorilla was the first "look" down the runway. The crowd erupted in gleeful laughter as "the animal" ran the runway. Then the gorilla performed a strip tease and it was Phillipe Blond in a short hot gold strapless number and a huge head of gold ringlets. It was berserk.

The Blonds's clothing line isn't mainstream; their glitz and glam look screams rock and roll. They design clothes for an alternative universe - the bedazzled Barbie Dolls of rock culture and drag queens, both male and female. Kay Perry is a major fan. Beyonce has been BeBlonded. God created the Grammies and on the second day, he created The Blonds.


David and Phillipe Blond



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