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Vassilios Kostetsos
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Fall 2010
February 14, 2010

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Eka Halim


Fashion for Your Inner Drama Queen!

Vassilios Kostetsos has designed a tough sexy line for Fall of 2010. The models strode the runway with bright red lipstick, smoky eyes, metallic arm cuffs and thigh high boots.

Shiny leather, bejeweled lace and scrunchy silks were utilized to create the women's line which oozed a "Look at me, I just arrived from an outer galaxy where the sex is better than anything you'll ever experience" attitude.

Vassilios Kostetsos's line for men featured the same bright shiny leather and will be just the thing for the bright young things of Chelsea. The male models walked the runway with metallic face paint creating a Star Wars rides a motorcycle to the Meat Packing District vibe.

Kostetsos is a designer who is not afraid to take risks; he has the courage to put on a show.

Good job!



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