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Celebrities Out and About in
New York City

You see them all the time, celebrities out and about in New York City. Well, you no longer need to shoot grainy cell phone photos. New York Cool, with the help of PR Photos, will be posting celebrity photos on this page daily...(more)
The Buzz - Media Bits and Pieces

Since we are New York Cool, and, we receive loads of tips from media mavens and have decided to pass them on to you. So check back often, it's The Buzz...(more)

Couture Council Summer Party
The Cultural Services of the French Embassy
972 Fifth Avenue
August 17, 2010

Chairpersons Yaz Hernandez, Alexandra Lebenthal, Charlotte Moss and Liz Peek hosted this year's Couture Council of the Fashion Institute of Technology Summer Party at the elegant Cultural Services of the French Embassy...(more)

Press Conference to Launch the Body Shop's Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Petition Campaign
Morgan Hotel Penthouse
July 30, 2010

On Friday, July 30th, The Body Shop, ECPAT USA, and the Somaly Mam Foundation hosted a press conference at the Penthouse of the Morgan Hotel to launch the Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Petition...(more)

H.B. Forman Talks with
Bill Murray of Get Low

The unpredictable comic genius known as Bill Murray, who often makes producers and directors jump through many hoops before he agrees to work with them, definitely has a soft side...(more)

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and The New York
Philharmonic Orchestra
Central Park, New York City
July 13, 2010

Once upon a time there was a great wall around China. Not the Great Wall that bisects the country's interior but the wall around the heart and soul of China...(more)

Screenplay Reading of
Allegra Huston's
Good Luck Mr. Gorski
Greenhouse Nightclub
June 17, 2010

Have you heard the urban myths about the alligators in the sewers, the snakes in the toilet bowl or the Neil Armstrong's moon-walk call-out to a mythical Mr. Gorski?...(more)

South of the Border Roundtable
With Director Oliver Stone
Regency Hotel
June 21, 2010

Oliver Stone has had his share of media attacks in the three decades he’s been making movies. His personal character has been called into question as well as his filmic treatment of historic events. And, with JFK, even his sanity...(more)

Rootstein’s ‘Young & Restless’ Mannequin Line Launch Party
205 West 19TH Street
June 16, 2010

Every year the mannequin company Rootsein throws a unique fashion party featuring their stars, the mannequins of course...(more)

Martha Graham Dance Company
Political Dance Project
World Premiere of
American Document and
Dance Is a Weapon
Joyce Theater
June 8 - 13, 2010

There was a lot of excitement this spring in anticipation of Martha Graham's Political Dance Project...(more)

Puerto Rican Day Parade
New York City
June 13, 2010

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is New York city's answer to New Orleans Mardi Gras. No other parade brings out thousands of people giddy with pride...(more)

Art and Performance Bash
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Red Lotus Room

Muffinhead and Eric Schmalenberger hosted a party titled BANZAI!!!!!!!!!! Art and Performance Bash on Memorial Day Weekend...(more)

El Museo del Barrio Gala 2010
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Cipriani 42nd Street

The El Museo del Barrio Gala is one of the most anticipated social events of the New York spring season; guests fly in from all over the world to attend...(next)

White House Arrival Ceremony
To Honor Mexican
President Felipe Calderon
May 22, 2010

San Antonio entertainer Jade Esteban Estrada was among the celebrities and politicos invited to the White House to welcome Mexican President Felipe Calderon for his first state visit to the U.S....(more)

American Folk Art Museum Party
635 West 42nd Street
May 15, 2010

Henry Darger was a reclusive American writer and artist (1892-1972) whose works were not discovered until just before he died when his landlords entered his one room apartment...(more)

Bomb Magazine Party and Silent Auction
National Arts Club
April 27, 2010

Bomb Magazine hosted an uber stylish party at the historical National Arts Club. The walls were filled with art for the art auction and the floor was filled with artists, art lovers and walking pieces of art; Bomb lovers are a very stylish group...(more)

People Only Call You When You're Famous

Skrapper Party
Good Units at the Hudson Hotel
356 W 58th Street
April 20, 2010

The founder of Skrapper, William Quigley and designers Alex W. Claster and Katie Theofilos threw a fashion party at Good Units celebrating the label Skrapper Inc...(more)

Cocktails for a Cause
Broadway in South Africa
The Box
April 15, 2010

The Box has become New York's trendiest night spot with its nightly menu of food, drink and bottomless burlesque...(more)

NYC DJ Battle
Mango Soho
561 Broadway
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fashionistas, shoppers, and lovers of music flocked to the Mango store in Soho this past Thursday for a DJ Battle like no other...(more)

Voices of Change
Somaly Mam Foundation
The Box
189 Chrystie
April 6, 2010

Lower Eastside hot spot, the Box, was the spot for a party honoring anti-human trafficking activist Somaly Mam.

Party Celebrating
The Twenty Fifth Anniversary of
Michael Musto's
Village Voice Column
March 2, 2010

Five hundred and fifty of Michael Musto's dearest and closest friends showed up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Musto's Village Voice column, La Dolce Musto...(more)

Beauty Cares
Charity Cocktail Event
15 East 18th Street, Suite 301
February 28, 2010

Beauty Cares, a non-profit organization founded by former model Aryn Quinn, held their first fundraiser on February 18, 2010...(more)

Michael Musto's
Twenty Five Year Anniversary
Village Voice's
La Dolce Musto

For twenty-five years Michael Musto has been telling the story of downtown New York through his Village Voice column, La Dolce Musto. It is a story filtered through the cheesecloth...(more)

The Scone Foundation’s Seventh Annual
Archivist of the Year Awards
CUNY Graduate Center
January 25, 2010

George Santayana famously said, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."...(more)

American Antiques Show
Opening Night Party
The Metropolitan Pavilion
January 20, 2010

The spirit of Texas lit up the opening night party for the American Antiques Show; one of Texas's most famous daughters, Lynda Johnson Robb, traveled to New York to be the party's Grand Chair...(more)

Vital Voices Reception
Bowery Hotel
January 19, 2010

In 1995, then First Lady Hillary Clinton and soon-to-be Secretary of State Madeline Albright (nominated and confirmed in 1996) traveled to Beijing for the Fourth Annual World Conference on Women...(more)


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