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Rootstein’s ‘Young & Restless’ Mannequin Line Launch Party
205 West 19TH Street
June 16, 2010

Written and Photographed by Mark Tauriello

Opposite Photo:
Patrick McDonald and Mannequin

Rootstein Mannequin's "Young and Restless" Line

Every year the mannequin company Rootsein throws a unique fashion party featuring their stars, the mannequins of course. This year, they are launching slender male mannequins; so slender it has been stirring up a little bit of controversy. But come on, it's fashion. Not to mention, it's about time skinny men are in! What is more unsettling than the sizes of these mannequins are the bizarrely realistic qualities they possess, taking on a life of their own. The atmosphere of this party (designed by Rootstein Mannequin Creative Director Kevin Arpino) would best be described as a high fashion twilight zone. Luckily, like every year, the party was well attended by socialites, drag queens, and fashionistas like Patrick McDonald, David and Philippe Blond, Rosemary Ponzo and models Pat Cleveland and her daughter Anna Clevelanf. Lavender seemed to be the color of choice for the ladies, and jet black for the men. Everyone had a great time, even the mannequins.

Rosemary Ponzo (Feather Hat)

New York Cool's Mark Tauriello (live one)




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