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The Antlers
Dinosaur Feathers
River Rocks at Pier 54
July 22, 2010

Written By Morgan G. Long
Photograped by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo:
Pete Silberman of Antlers


Hudson River Park is the perfect venue for a River Rocks concert. It is basically a strip of pavement surrounded by the Hudson River with an endless span of sky above. There was a long line of people waiting, one person even brought their baby, to see The Antlers and Dinosaur Feathers. It was bound to be a memorable night.

Greg Sullo of Dinosaur Feathers

Ryan Michael Kiley of Donosaur Feathers

With their nervous demeanor and humble attitude, it was surprising how easygoing Dinosaur Feather’s music was. It was fun and beachy, perfect for a summer night. They sounded like a modern version of The Beach Boys. One song they sang even included rainforest sounds. This band of timid young men, seemed to be on a roll. And then the power went out. The host began to improvise, with his baby wearing sunglasses, and it was not working. This was clearly a story that Dinosaur Feather’s band members would be telling their grandchildren, but for the half hour the power was out, it was quite annoying for the audience. But then the power came back and Dinosaur Feathers finished like troopers.

Pete Silberman of Antlers

Next up was the headlining act- The Antlers. Their sound was in stark contrast to Dinosaur Feathers. They were very instrumental, heavy, almost dark. Peter Silberman, the lead singer, sang passionately. The trombone and trumpet made their sound unique. The music was very hypnotic, even if it didn’t have the fun, light feel as the earlier band. They played a fairly long set, each song seeming to stretch forever, since they didn’t have catchy lyrics to speed up time.

However, the music was powerful and the crowd was enraptured. Both bands seemed to satisfy the crowd except for the half hour when the generator wouldn’t cooperate. It was the perfect set up for one of the most scenic nights of summer.

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