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Ebony Bones
Jessica 6 Opening
South Paw
February 13, 2010

Written by Joshua Williams
Photos by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo:
Ebony Bones

Braving the frigid night, we made our way to Brooklyn’s Southpaw to check out a set from Ebony Bones. Southpaw is a decent enough venue, and the crowd was the usual mishmash of Brooklyn’s young and hip, serious fans of the acts, and old barflies from the neighborhood. Once warmed up, we turned our attention to the entertainment on hand.

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica Six

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica Six

Opening was Jessica Six, presumably named after the “Logans Run” character. Which is kind of fitting. Springing from NYC’s disco scene, and beloved of the fashionista set, they exuded somewhat of a 70’s androgynous, dare I say trans-disco- rock-sex and drugs vibe. The singer has substantial presence, and the voice is definitely the draw. The beats serviceable and the filling pleasant enough. However, without a chorus ring ringing in my head afterwards, all that good singing will only get you so far.

Ebony Bones

As for the title event, Ebony Bones takes a stage and owns it. Unfairly compared to press favorites of recent years MIA and Santogold, Bones is no one trick pony. Deftly defying the notion of genre, Bones takes you to fantasy island, mixing a base of punk rock swagger with a hit of reggae, stacking it on top of beats you can’t help but dance to. It’s as if the Slits wanted to go to the club, ran into George Clinton along the way, celebrated carnivale, and ended up a sweaty satisfied mess.

Ebony Bones

I can say without hesitation to download Ebony Bones with abandon, and if you see her on a bill, by all means head on down for some quality entertainment.

Mr. Mendiola of Ebony Bones

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